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Telescope Meade LX50 10" F/10
Telescope Meade Dobson 8"
Telescope Celestron 112mm F/7.9
Refractor Meade
Binoculars 20x80


Telescop Sky-Watcher 10" F/4.7
Telescop Sky-Watcher 8" F/6
Telescop Meade 12" F/5
Telescop Meade 16" F/4.5
Refractor Synta Sky-Watcher 100 F/9
Refractor Coronado PST 40 mm F/10
Laser pointers

Horodnic and Suceava

Telescope 250mm F/5
Refractors Sky-Watcher 70mm F/10
Other refractors and binoculars
Oculars & filters
Planetarium Suceava
Planetarium Horodnic
Horodnic Observatory


Telescope Dobson 250mm F/5
Telescope Celestron NexStar 150mm F/10
Telescope Sky-Watcher 90mm F/13
Planetary and Moon filters

Astro Nights