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Tours by Regions:

Muntenita - 8 nights/9 days
Danubiana - 8 nights/9 days
Moldovita - 8 nights/9 days
Transilvana - 10 nights/11 days

Tours by Theme:

Dracula - 7 nights/8 days
Romania - 9 nights/10 days

Our tours will bear your steps through special places, endowed by culture and history: famous castles, majestically churches and monasteries, historical monuments and museums, archeological sites, old cities, and scenic landscapes!

Your travel through Romania will be sprinkled with relaxing moments through the fresh air of the Carpathian Mountains, where you'll be welcomed by authentic Romanian traditions.

Houses and gates carved in wood, incrustations of astronomical symbols, decorative eggs and handicrafts kept piously in time, all will delight your eyes here. Later, your taste will be satisfied by meals served in traditional guesthouses, cheered up by folkloric moments or folk music.

Sometime after sunset, your mind and spirit will be invited to travel through our mighty heavens, guided by our passionate astronomers. Right then, the universe becomes closer: stars will begin to sparkle, and our dark skies will unveil for you mysterious objects, planets, galaxies, nebulae... to try to answer the question where are we coming from and where we'll be going...

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