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Astro nights in Romania

Dear friends,

Welcome to Astro nights! Finally, the Universe has become closer! This is a short preview of what we are planning to show you during two nights for a couple of hours each, a program included in all our tour packages.

Amateur astronomers, sympathizers of the starry night or novices, all of you are invited to join us in an exciting journey through the stars of the Milky Way, constellations, Moon, planets, nebulae, distant galaxies and globular clusters... All these will be revealed to you by our passionate astronomers, assisted by powerful telescopes and eager to share with you their knowledge and experience...

The astro-nights events will be unfold straight under the dark sky, in the very pittoresque areas, fit for the observations, such us Dumitrescu's guesthouse in the neigbourhood of Targoviste, Bran castle resort and Olenici's guesthouse in Horodnicul de Jos, a village in the North of Moldavia. These places are situated at only max 30 minutes far from your accomodation where you will be driven by our transport.

Haunted by our routine hard work, spending hours in traffic rushing daily from home to the office, blinded night after night by lights and thousands of advertisments of our modern cities, and worrying about our bank debits... We simply forgot from where we are really coming and where we'll be going in our amazing Universe! Throughout our voyage, we propose you to return for a moment to the real beauty of pure starlight!

Somewhere in the Universe, on our home planet, in the South-East corner of Europe, we are inviting you to join us under the dark skies of Romania to admire the heavens... There, you will have a chance to return to our beginning and wonder about our ending, life and matter, in a perpetual transformation...

These objects observed are known as "deep sky objects". As their name suggest, these can be seen only in dark sky conditions, and our country side skies satisfy this requirement, as the attached map showing the light pollution in Romania proves, compared with most of Europe and North America for example.

Some of the questions our astronomers will be pleased to answer you:

  • What are these shooting stars?
  • Why are so many craters on the Moon?
  • How could you distinguish a star from a planet?
  • There is life out there?
  • How about aliens, did they come here?
  • Where are the names of stars coming from?
  • What are the black holes and why nothing can escape them?
  • Why are the stars shining in different colors?
  • Will an asteroid going to hit the Earth in the near future?
  • How about astrology, what's its relation with astronomy?

    What should you expect to observe there? Some of the following objects and phenomena:

  • Craters on the Moon and eclipses...
  • Some of the major planets of our Solar System, Saturn's rings, Venus' phases, Jupiter's satellites...
  • The Milky Way, our Galaxy home, of which our Sun is only one of its 200 billion stars...
  • Stars of various colors, binary stellar systems...
  • Asteroids of different sizes, peaceful or possible dangerous to our planet...
  • Galaxies, distant islands of Universe, closer or farther...
  • Globular clusters, giant associations counting hundreds of thousand stars...
  • Planetary nebulae, remaining of giant explosions of stars at their lifetime ending...
  • Comets, mostly unexpected guests of the inner Solar System...
  • Conjuctions...
  • Other astronomical and atmospheric phenomena.

    Beside admiring stars, the astronomy is a great tool for education of sciences: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geology, etc. In case of cloudy weather, we will offer you a show to cover all this topics in images, movies, computer animations and a planetarium.

    Why are these people so keen in spending their nights under the sky? How could you acquire similar achievements? You will get all these answers attending our astro nights.

    After the observations or presentation you will be lead back to your guesthouse, so we wish you there "Good Night and Stary Dreams!" which will prepare you for another full day of adventure in your tour. Travel with us and the Universe becomes closer!