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Starlight, Beyond Light Pollution 2016

La Palma, Canary Islands, 1-8 July 2016

A workshop to protect our starry night heritage
**** including ****
Five excursions to discover our gorgeous La Isla Bonita
Three astro-nights to enjoy the skies of La Palma
Visit of the Roque de los Muchachos astronomical observatory
featuring the world's largest telescope!

Package Schedule (1-8 July)
Workshop Schedule (4-6 July)

Briefly in the News :

9 July 2016: The workshop ended, see you next year!

Workshop and SARM expedition memories here.
Speakers and PDF talks in the Participants page.

Some press coverages (in Spanish):
World experts debating the light pollution (Diario de Avisos, 4 July 2016)
Break on the light which shadows the sky (Siete Islas, 5 july 2016)

27 June 2016: Final poster published (thanks to Jose Francisco Salgado)!
(high resolution 5 MB version here).

24 June 2016: Schedule published here (PDF link).

14 June 2016: Schedule updated. List of speakers and schedule in work.

26 April 2016: The International Dark-sky Association (IDA)
announced the event in their website.

20 Apr 2016: The poster was published by Jose Francisco Salgado and Audrey Fischer (high resolution version for print here).

10 Apr 2016: A workshop will take place between 1-8 July 2016 together with the sixth Romanian expedition in Canary Islands.

15 Feb 2016: The conference was anounced in the
IAU Astronomy Outreach Newsletter

10 Jan 2016: The conference was listed in the
CFHT International Astronomy Meetings

20 Dec 2015: The conference website was published

7-8 Dec 2015: The conference was announced at the international COP21 Climate Action Conference in Paris in the framework of light pollution, energy efficiency and reduction of emissions

Sep and Oct 2015: The conference was promoted in Romania in the International Year of Light 2015 events in Sibiu and Romanian Parliament in Bucharest


Aug 2015: The conference was announced at IAU 2015 General Meeting in Hawaii:

Committee of Initiative :

On 18 May 2015 a 4-hour dark sky meeting took place in the Hotel Las Olas, La Palma Island, featuring international participation from Romania, USA, Canada and Netherlands via live webcast, with the aim to establish a conference in 2016 in La Palma. The committee of initiative of the 2016 conference includes:
  • Dr. Ovidiu Vaduvescu, astronomer Isaac Newton Group and Instituto Astrofisico de Canarias, Astro Travels, La Palma, Spain;
  • Audrey Fischer, president of Chicago Astronomical Society and founder of One Star at a Time, USA;
  • Valentin Grigore, President of SARM, Romania; National Coordinator for Romania of Astronomers Without Borders - AWB;
  • Cipriano Marin, co-ordinator of the Starlight Initiative in partnership with UNESCO-MaB, Spain.
We are seeking some support from UNESCO, Cabildo de La Palma, Canarian observatories, astro-tourism small businesses in La Palma and other bodies and sponsors. The current list of sponsors and supporters here.

Starlight conference

Starlight 2016 La Palma
Los Cancajos resort
2015 kick-off meeting
Santa Cruz from Mirador La Concepcion
2015 meeting participants
William Herschel Telescope
Visit of GTC, the world's largest telescope
Bloomed cactus
Roque de los Muchachos
Caldera de Taburiente
Astro night in La Palma
Starry night beauty from La Palma
Starry night from Las Olas hotel
GTC Astro Night